Crazy Biker Brawl Breaks Out In The Streets Of Austin, Texas

Biker fight austin

If there is one group of people that you do not want to get in a fight with, it’s bikers.

I know I would never put myself in a situation like this. I’m so intimidated by bikers, I practically pull over on the side of the interstate when a group of them starts to pass me in the left lane.

Speaking of lanes, it looks like these citizens in Austin, Texas should have stayed in theirs, and once the fight started with the biker group, there was no “exit ramp” to get out (bad roadway jokes there, I apologize).

It is unclear how the fight begins, but it appears that the bikers were posted up by their motorcycles when the brawl broke out.

Could the bikers have provoked some of the people walking the streets of Austin?

Sure, it’s possible.

Could the street goers have maybe gotten too close to the Texas bikers’ rides, or maybe even tipped one over and knocked down the rest of them in domino fashion like you see in the movies?

I hope that is the case.

The video (which is great quality and wouldn’t surprise me if Apple used it to promote the new lens on their next iPhone) picks up right when the brawl begins. The footage then gives us almost two and a half straight minutes of uncut, brutal, beautifully shot street fighting.

The best part is that you can tell who is on who’s “team” thanks to the bikers matching leather jackets. The brawl, which includes up around 10 or 15 people, becomes a full on “bikers versus everybody” situation.

I’m not sure what my favorite part of the video is, but it is a tight race between these two things:

– The man in the red cut-off shirt trying to keep the peace (for some reason)

– One of the bikers putting his helmet on for the fight, which is a brilliant, resourceful idea

Around the one minute mark, it appears that the fight is officially called off. However, the footage transitions into an arguably bigger kerfuffle with the bikers practically going back-to-back to fend off challengers.

It’s all fun and games (is it really though?) until one of the bikers brandishes a hand gun. That effectively ends the fight, paired with the police moving in and utilizing pepper spray to break up the hostile crowd.

Let this video be a lesson: pick a fight with a biker group, get punched or pepper sprayed.

I wouldn’t ever find myself in a situation like this (I’m First Team All-American Non-Confrontational), but if I did, I would’ve done everything in my power to find a biker jacket to throw on to blend in for safety.

Watch the wild footage below, courtesy of TX Street Fights TV (apparently this kind of stuff happens a lot):

The comments below the video were almost as entertaining as the all-out-brawl footage was:

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