Somebody Created EDM Remixes Of George Jones’ “The Grand Tour” And Alan Jackson’s “Gone Country” And This Should Be Illegal

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Not to be dramatic, but how is this not a crime?

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of EDM influence creep into country. There was the viral version of “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn that took over TikTok a couple years ago – and even got Brooks & Dunn themselves in on the trend. And artists like Koe Wetzel, Sturgill Simpson, Morgan Wade, Sierra Ferrell and Parker McCollum have collaborated with famed EDM DJ and producer Diplo for projects recently.

But this? This is going too far.

An EDM DJ named Real Hypha has created remixes of some classic ’90s country songs, including Alan Jackson’s “Gone Country,” Sammy Kershaw’s “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” and Joe Diffie’s “Pickup Man.”

And they’re as bad as you expect.

I mean, these are the songs that made ’90s country so great. Do we really need to be throwing computers and autotune and synth drums into the mix?

And autotuning Alan Jackson and Joe Diffie? This just feels disrespectful.

But it gets worse.

There’s also an autotune remix of “The Grand Tour” by George Jones. I don’t think this is what Possum had in mind when he decried the future of country music with “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes.”

Somebody get the FBI on the line. Or Joe Biden. Or Elon Musk. Because this must be stopped.

Listen at your own risk.

“Gone Country”

“Pickup Man”

“She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”

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