Investigation Ongoing After Grizzly Bear Is Found Dead Near Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone bear

Investigations by Wyoming and United States authorities are now ongoing after the carcass of a grizzly bear was discovered just outside of Yellowstone National Park.

It is reported that the dead grizzly was found around 50 yards away from the North Fork Highway, which runs between Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming.

Social media reports have suggested that the bear died from a gunshot wound, but neither the Wyoming Game and Fish Department or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has confirmed the cause of the grizzly’s death.

Many frequent park goers have stated that they had seen this particular grizzly bear alive and well in the past couple of weeks.

The photos were shared on a Yellowstone-themed Facebook page with a long caption asking for any tips as to how this wild animal was killed. Parts of the post read:

“At first glance it was thought to have been hit by a car but has now been verified through fish and game (per Amy Gerber, see her post on cub creek photography) that it had been shot and that there have been no reports of self-defense filed in that area.

It has been said in many comments that maybe the bear had been hit by a car so someone shot it to end it’s suffering, I believe in my heart, that if that were the case it would’ve been reported.”

The incident not being reported seems to be the most critical part of the story. If the Grizzly was killed without it being in self defense, the person responsible could be charged with a felony.

Wyoming Public Radio’s Twitter account confirmed that the punishment for such act could mean significant jail time if they are able to track down the person responsible:

“A dead grizzly bear was found 14 miles outside Yellowstone National Park’s east entrance Monday morning. WGFD say they are investigating.

There have been no calls of a human-grizzly encounter in the region. Deliberately killing a grizzly without just cause is a felony.”

Grizzly Bears of Yellowstone National Park often run into humans during this period of the year as they come out of hibernation and search for food.

However, any incident with a Grizzly is supposed to be reported to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

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