Fallen Tree In Kentucky Starts Gushing Water: “Never Saw Something Like That In My Life”

Tree gushing

I’ll take things I didn’t know were possible until the internet showed me for $200, Alex.

For all of my life I assumed I knew what was inside of a tree trunk: Pure wood.

Sure, you may get a bird or squirrel living in a little hole, but for the most part I assumed it would just be tree through and through.

Well, over the past few days my eyes have been opened.

We saw a black bear cub pop out of a stump and now we see something else come rushing out of a tree that had fallen in Mallie, Kentucky.

While clearing a path to their tree stand, two friends came upon a large tree that had fallen across the clearing and were forced to chop it up in order to move it. But when they made their first cuts, something very unexpected happened.

Water started gushing out of the opening and not just a few drops.

Gallons and gallons spewed out, flowing for around 3 to 4 minutes.

Both guys there were astonished.

“That is wild looking… I’ve never seen anything like this, what about you? Never in my life have I seen anything like this… That’s awesome man.”

Truly not what you expect while cutting some logs, but apparently it’s not that rare of a phenomena.

When a tree begins to die, the inside starts rotting first, creating a hollow inside. If the top of the trunk splits and you get a bunch of rain, that water will store up inside until the tree breaks or someone takes a chainsaw to it.

Regardless of how it came to be, it’s one heck of a surprise to get a face full of sappy, brown water when cutting logs.

Nature never fails to amuse.

Large Boulder Rolls Down Hill, Cuts Tree In Half

You see a few massive boulders traveling directly towards you at several miles an hour, what are you gonna do?

Whenever we vacation in the mountains, it’s not a rare sight to see a few road closures due to rock slides, but I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed one myself.

Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that these kind of events are highly dangerous, and can potentially be fatal of the rocks were to hit a person, crash through a house, or knock a car off the side of the road.

And now after seeing this video, it truly puts things into perspective of how dangerous these natural events can be.

Although this one? Not so natural.

In this video footage, the group of hunters actually pushed the large boulder down the hill, which brought a number of loose rocks along with it. Idiot behavior, no doubt, but the end result is even more than they could’ve imagined.

However, the one rock that really catches your eye is a MASSIVE boulder flying at an insane rate of speed, making a beeline directly for a tree.

You can hear the person filming say:

“Hit the tree..”

And sure enough, the boulder centers the tree perfectly, splits in half, and it basically disintegrates into a million pieces as the rock travels right through it.

Yeah, incase you were wondering what kind of damage a boulder can do in a rock slide, look no further than this video.

Once again, you can’t condone the stunt, but nevertheless, it’s pretty wild to see the kind of force that a runaway rock can generate when it’s moving down a hill. If you ever find yourself in a rock slide, getting behind a tree might actually be a pretty bad idea.

I guess this is what happens when you’re getting skunked out on the hunt.

Check it out:

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