Bird Hunter Snags A Dove Out Of The Air With His Bare Hand

Dover hunter

Expert status achieved.

This is one of those stories you’d be bragging about for the rest of your life, even with video proof to back it up.

Dove hunting is a popular pastime for many hunters around the world. These small birds are quick and agile, making them a challenging target for even the most experienced hunters.

Doves are small birds that belong to the pigeon family. They are typically 7-12 inches in length and weigh between 3-8 ounces. Doves are known for their distinctive cooing sound, and their feathers are often a mix of browns, grays, and whites.

There are several methods used for dove hunting, including traditional shotgun hunting and hunting with decoys. In shotgun hunting, hunters typically use 12 or 20 gauge shotguns to shoot doves as they fly by.

Dove hunting is often a social activity, with multiple people and even dogs involved.

These men are seen wondering through a field with their dog and shotguns. A dove spooks near the dog and takes off in flight straight at one of them.

The man leaps up and grabs the bird with his free hand holding his gun in the other.

He doesn’t even need the gun.

What are the odds?

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