On This Date: Merle Haggard’s “It’s All In The Movies” Was #1 On Country Charts In 1976

Merle Haggard country music

The album cover for Merle Haggard’s nineteenth studio album It’s All in the Movies is arguably as iconic is the project’s title track.

The song “It’s All in the Movies” was the single release for the album and it was immediately received positively by Haggard fans.

The title track for the 1976 album marked the 8th consecutive number one country single and was the 22nd song of Haggard’s to reach the top of the country charts.

“It’s All in the Movies” is such an incredibly easy listen, and though it would predominantly be considered country music considering it was performed by country legend Merle Haggard, there are some underlying themes of what would usually be categorized as Yacht Rock.

For example, there are a couple of saxophone solos in this classic Haggard tune, and many wouldn’t consider the “sax” to be a part of the country music family.

However, its hard to imagine the swing-like melody of this song without the touch of saxophone paired with the relaxing, story-telling lyrics:

“They were so much in love with life, happy in every way.
But love the movie began with, some how got lost in the play.
Like a fire burning out of control, you got caught up in the actor’s role
And you cried on my shoulder when it came to an end.

But that’s all in the movies it won’t happen to you and I
That’s all in the movies; so baby don’t cry
It’s all in the movies, it won’t happen to us I know
That’s all in the movies just a bad picture show.”

Though the album wouldn’t be considered one of the best from two-time Grammy winner, it still made it to the number one spot on the country album charts.

I don’t think it could have made it there without the album’s title track:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock