Good Samaritan Bodyslams Thief Trying To Rob A T.J. Maxx In Southern California

TJ Maxx

Everyday when I get on Twitter, I feel like I see some new video pop up on my feed of somebody (or a massive group) looting some store in California, and walking right out the door.

Every time I see one of these videos, my thoughts are:

“Why aren’t any employees intervening? Why are people just standing around letting this happen?”

There may be some law against intervening in these kinds of situations in Cali, but all I know is that when I was working as a stock boy at our local grocery store, we were able to put the NFL Blitz truck stick on anybody who we caught stealing in the store, as long as they hadn’t made it through the exit yet.

But back to California. It appears that one customer at this Southern California T.J. Maxx has grown tired of watching people walk right into stores, and walking out with a sh*t ton of items like it’s no big deal.

In this video, you can see two people robbing the store, and casually make their way to the exit with arms full of merch like they had just bought the items.

The first culprit makes it out the door, but there was no way in hell this one good Samaritan was going to let culprit number two make their way out unscathed…

He quickly grabbed the robber, and they retaliate by throwing a punch square to the guy’s face.

That’s when he goes for the takedown, sending the robber straight to the ground.

Although we don’t get to see the end result, the culprit was allegedly able to get away with the items.

However, it’s great to see somebody getting fed up with this nonsense, as it truly is scary that this is becoming a very common theme here in America.

Check it out:

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