Bald Eagle Barely Escapes The Jaws Of Attacking Alligator

Gator bald eagle attack
Chris Howell

It must’ve been this bald eagle’s lucky day.

This near death experience for the bald eagle was told through a series of photos, making the whole event that much more dramatic to view. The first picture shows an alligator, a turtle, and an eagle sitting on the water’s edge (sounds like a setup to a corny joke).

Based on the photos, the turtle got out of there in a hurry (or at least as fast as it could), thus leaving the young bald eagle and the alligator to “tango.”

The large bird has its back turned towards the prehistoric creature until the alligator dips into the water and starts its attack.

I would imagine that the eagle had an “oh s**t” moment as it stared death right in the face. The photos show that the eagle kicks it into gear and barely escapes the snap of the alligator’s mouth.

The gator continues its pursuit of the escaping eagle, but air travel beats out water travel in this close call for the eagle. I’m sure the eagle will try to be a little more aware of its surroundings after this brush with death.

In the wild, you either live long enough to avoid being eaten by an alligator, or you get eaten by an alligator.

That was supposed to be the “live long enough to see yourself become a villain” saying, but it doesn’t work exactly like that in nature.

The incredible photos were taken by Chris Holwell, a citizen of the United Kingdom who was visiting Florida’s Orlando Wetlands park.

He just so happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture the close encounter with his camera.

He posted the pictures to Facebook and captioned the pictures with:

“So this was my worldly Sir David off of Attenborough moment. Juvenile Bald Eagle nearly not seeing it’s next birthday.”

The alligator should also know that Bald Eagles are endangered species.

It must have forgot to check the World WildLife Fund website to see what it can and cannot hunt.

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