Eric Church Shares Another Cryptic Post From What Appears To Be A Whiskey Distillery: “Lives Are Made For Chances”

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What does ol’ Eric Church have cooking?

It’s safe to say that the famed country singer/songwriter has been a bit cryptic on Instagram here lately.

Last week, he posted a picture of what appears to be a barrel used to age whiskey, and a caption that reads:

“Tradition Reimagined”

Of course, this leads most to believe that he has a new whiskey in the works, considering his past collaborations with Jack Daniel’s.

However, nothing has been set in stone yet, and the post could still mean anything.

And today, he posted yet another Instagram post, and it’s a black and white picture of himself walking underneath a shed with his back turned to the camera, with a caption that reads:

“Lives are made for chances. 05.02.23”


Of course, the words are a line from his song “Never Break Heart,” which could mean that he is announcing his next single as such. And to be honest, I don’t hate the pick.

A cut from his Heart record, “Never Break” was one of my favorites from the entire Heart & Soul project that was released in 2021. If it were to be his next single, it would follow up “Doing Life With Me,” which stalled at 34 on the Country Airplay Chart.

That being said, I do see some more whiskey barrels in this photo so maybe there is a little more to the story.

And with the caption of the first photo being “Tradition Reimagined” I can’t help but think Chief has his own whiskey in the works. Not to mention “lives are made for chances” sounds like an appropriate caption for a new business venture.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock