Man Climbs Onto Whale Carcass In Shark Feeding Frenzy: “Mom Thinks I’m An Idiot”

Guy on whale

You can’t fix stupid and you can’t teach common sense.

This man has neither.

On top of the danger factor which I will get to, this is just down right disgusting.

Any rotting animal smells terrible, but rotten ocean creatures bring out a whole new level of gross. Baking in the heat like that… I bet that thing could gag a maggot and this man is voluntarily climbing up onto it.

Then throw in sharks feeding on it.

Hungry sharks that are capable of eating a whale carcass are certainly able to take at least a healthy chunk out of you. And getting between a shark and its food isn’t something I would be risking just to make the boys have a good laugh.

It just ain’t worth it.

And then you’re gonna climb off, back into shark infested waters, smelling like a dead whale? Hard pass.

This man thought differently than just about everyone else though. When they came across the floating dead whale, he jumped right into the water, by the sharks and climbed aboard the floating mess.

The video from above shows him climbing up and onto what looks to be the most rotted section of the whole animal.

Imagine if he fell through into it, wouldn’t that have been hysterical?

As he stands on the whale the sharks are feeding on, you have to question everything.

Luckily for him, his buddies nose up to the whale so he doesn’t have to get back into the shark waters, even though they should have made him.

The video gets topped off by an awesome interview where even the mans parents think he is an idiot.

“Mom thinks I’m an idiot… dad’s not too proud of it.”

It’s hard to argue with that…

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