Screamo Cover Of Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” Goes Viral On TikTok

Emo band

Taking it back to middle school.

If you happen to like the country music stylings of Morgan Wallen, but grew up on the emo stylings of bands like The Used, Senses Fail or Hawthorne Heights, you might’ve just struck gold.

This rock band who call themselves Our Last Night (OLN for short) has grown quite the TikTok following by turning popular songs from various genres into pop punk and screamo bangers.

They’ve covered such modern hits as “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift, and even “Last Night” from country music’s own Morgan Wallen.

Wallen’s original version of the song peaked at number one on the “Billboard Hot Country Songs” before also taking over the spot of the “Billboard Top 100.” The single from Morgan’s One Thing At A Time album has easily become one of his most recognizable songs.

I have to say, the cover is really good and I don’t particularly care much for this style of music.

It’s not better than Morgan Wallen’s original version, but it’s still worth a listen, even if it’s just for nostalgic purposes.

Try it out with this teaser on TikTok that the band posted. Before performing a snippet from the song, one of the OLN band mates asks the camera:

“Who says country can’t be heavy?”

Not bad right?

The full version of the song is linked below, but I thought I would ease you into the idea of a country song with a screamo delivery.

And if you are like me and think that the cover is fine and dandy, but believe strongly in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” phrase, here is “Last Night” in its stripped down, acoustic form by Morgan Wallen:

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