Does Eric Church Have A New Whiskey In The Works?

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Oh, this looks good.

Over the years, Eric Church proves he’s a man of the people by releasing various signature bottles of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. Of course, this partnership was largely inspired by Chief’s legendary song “Jack Daniel’s,” from his 2011 Chief album.

I mean c’mon, for all of us whiskey drinkers out there, “Jack Daniel’s” is the most relatable song on the planet. Who hasn’t had their a** kicked by the whiskey at some point?

Not to mention, Church is a self-proclaimed big time Jack Daniel’s fan in general, and was even featured in a Jack Daniel’s documentary.

He says:

“My love for Jack Daniel’s is for the whiskey but it’s also about a can-do, small town attitude, where community, loyalty and hard work are the qualities the crafters of this American icon hang their hats.”

But this… this might be different.

Church shared a cryptic Instagram post, featuring a barrel used to age whiskey, with a caption that reads:

“Tradition Reimagined”

I’m a full believer in the statement “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but I must say this Instagram post has me excited of what new whiskey the famed country artist has in store next.

Is it a new Jack Daniel’s signature bottle? Or a new partnership with a different whiskey brand? The only whiskey I can think of with the initials T.C. is Traverse City, but that doesn’t really make sense to me.

Or, maybe it’s not even a whiskey.

Maybe it’s a new song?

I guess we’ll see on May 2nd:

And of course, I have to spin this one:

“Jack Daniels”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock