Cowboys LB Micah Parsons Reacts To Jalen Carter Falling To The Eagles In The NFL Draft: “I’m Sick To My Stomach”

Micah Parsons

Man, last night the Philadelphia Eagles got a HUGE pickup in the NFL Draft.

Somehow, Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter was passed up on eight times before the Eagles finally drafted him as the number nine overall pick (after trading one spot up with the Chicago Bears).

It was pretty shocking, considering many projected Carter to be the number one pick in this year’s draft, but of course, the street racing charges pressed against him over the death of Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock and recruiting staffer Chandler LeCroy could’ve been a reason why he went so late. He also showed up to his pro day overweight and struggled during his workouts.

If Jalen can get on the right track, he can be an instant stud. If not, he’ll be a huge bust. But ultimately, a handful of teams weren’t willing to take that risk and he fell to the Eagles where he’ll join fellow Georgia Bulldogs DL Jordan Davis and LB Nakobe Dean, in addition to Georgia teammate Nolan Smith who the Eagles picked up later in the first round.

Needless to say, it was still a head scratcher for many of us, and one of those people who felt the same way last night was Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons.

Parsons made a guest appearance on the Bleacher Report NFL Draft show.

Once he saw Carter finally get taken off the board, and realized he was joining the Cowboys’ arch division rivals, the Eagles, his reaction was priceless.

You can see him up on his feet and pacing around, and he finally says:

“I’m just sick. I’m just sick to my stomach right now. I can’t believe that many teams passed up on him… I’m truly just sick right now.”

I mean c’mon, the Eagles already have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and now throw Carter into the mix…

That’s a scary defensive line, including longtime veteran Fletcher Cox, and fellow former Georgia defensive lineman Jordan Davis.

Not to mention, the team just won the entire NFC and seemingly got a lot better on just the first day of the draft… winning the NFC East in 2023 just got that much harder for Dallas.

You can check out Parsons and the Bleacher Report guys’ full conversation here:

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