Watch Koe Wetzel & Parker McCollum Sing “Love” At Small Texas Bar Before They Were Superstars

Parker McCollum Koe Wetzel

Man, what I’d do to have been there for this pair’s come up.

The Texas music scene is one of the worst kept secrets in country music.

While Nashville gets all the glitz and glamour, fans have long turned to the Lonestar State for real, independent, and authentic songwriting and a variety of sonic styles, and there’s maybe no better example of artists doing this over the past few years than Koe Wetzel and Parker McCollum.

The Texas natives quickly went from the wild, new kids on the block to being bonified nationwide superstars, selling out tours and signing major record deals without sacrificing what got them there in the first place.

These two became friends early in their careers and their stories of debauchery and hilarity are well known, but it’s undeniable that they are responsible for opening the underground of Texas music to young fans in a way few, if any, before them were able to.

Koe and Parker went out on quite a few tours after linking up and their friendship culminated with their now gold certified single “Love”, which was released on Koe’s 2016 album Noise Complaint

Well, the internet has done what it does best and brought me a throwback performance of the two singing this at a small venue called Conway’s in New Braunfels, Texas back in July of 2017.

Between the American flag shirt, the screaming crowd, and the unbelievable talent of the two, you just get the feeling that everyone in that audience knew these two wouldn’t be playing small stages much longer…

Wouldn’t mind if these two wanted to team up a bit more in the future.

If nothing else, it would get the Texas women fired up…

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