Snowy Owl Flies At Ground Level With Precision To Snag A Mouse On The Snow

Snow owl

This bird is clearly an expert.

The precious is amazing, gliding across the surface without touching and perfectly grabbing its prey before taking off like it never happened.

Snowy owls are opportunistic hunters, and their diet can vary depending on the season and their location. Their primary food source is lemmings, small rodents that are abundant in the Arctic tundra.

They will also feed on other small mammals, such as voles, hares, and rabbits, as well as birds, such as ducks and geese. Snowy owls have been known to take down prey that is larger than themselves, such as Arctic foxes.

Snowy owls are large, striking birds that are instantly recognizable by their white feathers. They are one of the largest species of owls, with mature adults typically measuring between 20 and 28 inches in length, and weighing between 3 and 6 pounds.

They have large, powerful wings and talons that make them well-suited for hunting in their harsh Arctic environment.

Snowy owls are excellent hunters, using their many advantages to effectively survive. They have exceptional hearing and eyesight, and can locate prey from great distances. When hunting, they will often perch on a high vantage point and scan the surrounding area for prey.

Once they have located a potential target, they will swoop down with lightning-fast speed, using their powerful talons to grasp and kill their prey.

This slo-mo video shows a snowy owl swooping across the snows surface with a target in mind. The large bird of prey flies in then drops only inches above the surface.

Within inches of the mouse it extends its legs forward and snags the critter, taking back off before the mouse knew what hit him.

Nature is amazing. These predators do their thing with extreme precision and grace.

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