Bull Shark Nearly Bites Spear Fisherman’s Foot Off In Australia

Shark attack

This is a fever dream.

Although spearfishing looks like it would be a good time, there’s something about the depths of the ocean, and the unknown that lurks below you that makes me a little timid.

Sometimes, I’d rather not know, because some of those creatures our teachers in elementary school showed us look absolutely mortifying. The ones living on the bottom of the ocean that like they’re from some sci-fi movie.

Of course, not to mention you have blood thirsty sharks that will absolutely rip you limb by limb if you pose a threat to them in any way, shape, or form. Or, just for the hell of it…

With that being said, my worst possible nightmare turned into a reality for this unlucky (Or lucky, depending on your perspective) spear fisherman in Lucinda, Queensland, Australia.

In the short clip, you can see the spear fisherman shooting at a fingermark that was sitting at the bottom.

Everything looked like it was going as planned, he retrieved the fish from the bottom and was headed back up when all of a sudden a bull shark swims up from out of nowhere, and rips the fin off the fisherman’s foot.

The unfortunate spear fisherman recalled the wild occurrence in the comments:

“I and one other diver jumped in, and my other mate stayed in the boat as a ‘boatie,’ which is a person who stays in the boat and drives around, keeping an eye out on the diver for this exact reason.

We did a first dive down to 15-17 meters deep and saw some decent sized coral trout and fingermark types of fish.

After a couple of dives, I shot a fingermark. The next dive, I went down for a look and saw it just sitting on the bottom. I took the easy shot and started to come up.

As I came up, this bull shark charged me. It came out of nowhere.”

However, it appears the fisherman was able to escape the frightening attack uninjured, but nevertheless, this is 1,000% nightmare fuel.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock