Minnesota Wolf Organization Captures Rare Footage Of Stunning All-Black Wolf

black wolf

Talk about a helluva sight to catch on video.

According to For The Win, an organization studying wolves in northern Minnesota stumbled across incredibly rare footage of a black wolf chilling in front of a trail camera they had placed.

The organization, dubbed the Voyageurs Wolf Project, shared the video of the rare sighting, where you can see the black wolf grazing the snow right in front of the trail camera.

The group wrote in a Facebook post:

“We rarely see black wolves in our area so seeing this black wolf with its seemingly shaggy coat, especially around its legs and feet, was pretty neat!

The wolf hung out in front of the camera for a while before heading on its way. This wolf was a lone wolf just passing through our area. None of the ~19 packs we are currently studying have black pack members in them.

Also, a bit unfortunate that the video quality isn’t the best. We tried out a few cameras that were donated to the project this winter and while they worked just fine, the footage quality isn’t as great as our typical cameras! Bummer!”

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a research project at the University of Minnesota that is designed to study and better understand a gap in wolf ecology.

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