Dog Literally “Poops On” Man’s Attempt To Video Beautiful Sunset

Dog poops

There’s nothing better than taking in a nice, beautiful sunset.

This person managed to take nature’s great daily gift and pair it with a beautiful body of water and man’s best friend. It truly is a beautiful video…for the first 5 seconds.

Another one of nature’s daily gifts, when “nature calls,” makes an appearance in the hilarious clip.

As the boat skims across the water towards the sunset with the dog at the bow of the vessel, Whiskey Myers’ “Ballard of a Southern Man” acts as background noise for the dog’s impromptu dump.

This is the biggest fear for anyone spending the day out on the water. You hope to just enjoy nature and not have to answer one of its urgent calls with no bathroom in sight.

And this dog had to GO. Not to get to graphic, but it seems as though the dog had been doing his best to hold it in all day, but was left with no other choice but to go on the boat.

The vessel continues towards the sunset as the feces roll backward towards the person holding the camera. If anything, this is a great example of Newton’s Laws of Motion.

What a view that dog had though as it did its business. Sure, it might’ve been an inconvenient places to go, but if you are trying to find a silver lining to the situation, this might be the most memorable bathroom break this dog will ever have.

The comments were plentiful below the video, with users relishing in the unfortunate sunset s**t:

“he’s been holding it for too long.”

“Damn, I’m sure he feels better!”

“Yeah he hasn’t pooped in a while- that’s a lot of poop!! I can’t believe they let their dog at the bow of the boat at the speed.”

“He saw the sunset and gave a s**t about it.”

Some other people were upset and accusing the video poster of not allowing for their dog to go to the bathroom. Classic social media: get mad about a video that you are supposed to laugh at.

And I’m not sure if Whiskey Myers would want to be associated with this “dog pooping” viral video, but we thought we might as well go ahead and link the song from the video in case you might be boating soon.

Just make sure to let you dog go to the bathroom…

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