Coaches Start Throwing Haymakers In Wild Minor League Baseball Fight

Coach fight

When it comes to minor league baseball, there’s typically only a couple of reasons why you’d attend a game…

I’m talking about cheap ticket prices, cheap beer, it’s close to home, and there’s the possibility of watching an all out brawl breakout between the two teams. I mean c’mon, if you say you go to a low single-A minor league game because you’re “a fan of the team,” you’re probably lying to yourself.

But speaking of all out brawls breaking out at these games, they come few and far between, but when they do occur these games become absolutely electric in a heartbeat.

We saw this happen this past Sunday between the Clearwater Threshers and Tampa Tarpons (absolutely awesome team names, I must say).

Threshers player Erick Brito can be seen getting nailed by a pitch, and that’s when things went downhill QUICK.

You can immediately see Threshers manager Marty Malloy run out of the dugout absolutely pissed, as the Tarpons catcher throws his hands in the air, trying to signal that it wasn’t intentional.

Shortly after, the benches completely clear as players are having to be restrained by teammates.

Next thing you know, Malloy can be seen throwing a haymaker at a Tarpons coach.

This is a pretty rare scene, because typically in baseball fights, its the coaches who are trying to break it up, and not the ones to throw the first punches. However, this is minor league baseball, and these coaches are probably itching for a chance to get into the thick of things if needed.

I’d say the fans who bought tickets for Sunday’s game lucked out.

See for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock