Chris Stapleton Acoustic Just Hits Different

Chris Stapleton country music

I will never ever get sick of this.

This is my favorite way to watch videos of Chris Stapleton… stripped down to the bone, and of course, accompanied by his wife Morgane.

National Public Radio’s Tiny Desk Concert series is constantly in my viewing rotation. They feature artists of every genre in an extremely intimate setting. Some artists choose to add some flare by squeezing a band behind the desk, and others choose to take a minimalistic approach letting the vocals and words shine.

Regardless of the route an artist chooses to highlight their sound, you can always guarantee that whatever Tiny Desk Concert you watch will surely be a hell of a performance.

In 2015, Chris Stapleton and Morgane Stapleton graced the NPR studio to record their intimate concert.

This session has aged like fine wine. From the song selection, the vocals, the soft acoustic guitar accompanying them, or the fact the audience is so silent during the songs that you don’t even know they are in the studio till after the first song.

NPR’s Jacob Ganz said it best in his description of the set when he wrote.

“It’s easy to understand why other singers took to his songs — Stapleton writes lyrics that sound classic but never dated — but his softly creaking voice gives them the home they deserve.

And even though those songs stand plenty well on their own, it’s nice to have a little support.”

Traveller is one of my most well-loved Chris Stapleton albums, and what he chose to highlight from the record shows the detention and depth of the emotions felt while listening.

If you have fourteen minutes to spare and love watching Stapleton do what he does best in a battered cowboy hat… this video is for you.

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