An Aaron Rodgers Mural Is Already Being Painted Over In Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers MUral

Last month, Aaron Rodgers announced on The Pat McAfee Show that he intended to play for the New York Jets next season.

Of course, the Packers and Jets had to figure out trade compensation before it was set in stone.

But everything has been sorted out, and Rodgers is officially headed to the New York Jets for the 2023 season as of yesterday.

Needless to say, things are gonna be looking pretty different in Green Bay next season, as Rodgers won’t be at the helms for the first time in 18 years, and on top of that, it’s going to be strange seeing him rep a different shade of green.

And speaking of Green Bay, it appears that a number of fans are already going full shun mode on their once treasured quarterback.

Kyle Malzhan, a reporter for Green Bay’s WFRV news station, shared a video to Twitter of an Aaron Rodgers mural with the saying:

“King of the North”

However, that statement is no longer there, as the video shows a local artist painting over the whole thing.

I’m feeling a similar situation to Lebron James leaving Cleveland for the first time here. It appears that Mr. Discount Doublecheck himself may officially be public enemy number one in not only Green Bay, but the state of Wisconsin.

I’m just waiting for the burning of Rodgers jerseys and other memorabilia to begin.

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