Remember John Rich’s Emotional Interview On “Tucker Carlson Today” Where He Revealed He Bought A House For His Grandparents?

John Rich Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News in a shocking move following the network’s settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Carlson’s show Tucker Carlson Tonight was one of the highest rated shows on FOX, but his name was heavily involved in the defamation lawsuit that was just settled for $787.5 million dollars.

Carlson was known for his fiery takes and provoking interviews, but one of his more mundane interviews came on his show Tucker Carlson Today back in August of last year when country music’s John Rich was a guest.

In the emotional interview, Rich spoke to Carlson about how the success of his country music career helped him take care of family members in his life that took care of him.

Carlson opens up the clip asking Rich about how he grew up in a trailer in Texas and the shock of coming into the amount of money that he did when he started his musical journey:

Rich reveals what he did once the paychecks started rolling in:

“I bought my grandparents a house. 

First thing I did, my granny Rich and my papaw Rich, World War II vet.

And here’s a women who was born in the Dust Bowl Days in the middle of West Texas, the Great Depression, simultaneously these things are going on.”

The five-time Grammy nominee began to show some emotions as he talked about his grandparents and how much they meant to him.

Rich fought back tears as he added:

“She’s still working 40 to 50 hours a week at a dollar store, he’s trying to flip used cars. 

I get my hands on this money and I thought ‘You know what? The only reason I get to go chase down dreams like this is because of old men like that who went out and fought and bled and died for our right to go do it.’

‘And I don’t like them being on social security and flipping used cars…

So I’m gonna buy them a house.'”

It is evident in the interview that Rich loved his grandparents and appreciated all of the sacrifices they had made. He felt as though it was only right to pay them back in a way that his new music career would allow him to:

“So I bought a house out in the country, big house, and I remodeled the basement.

And that’s where I lived for the next four years.”

Country music star John Rich lived in a basement in a house with his grandparents for four years as his career was just taking off.

A very humble gesture from the “Save A Horse” singer.

Rich goes on in the interview to speak on how he truly feels that his grandparents were a part of the “greatest generation,” which is a title given to “Baby Boomers” who were born in the beginning of the 1900’s and lived through both World Wars and the Great Depression.

The entire clip can be viewed below, which was shared by John Rich’s official Instagram account. The caption for the video reads:

“Last night I got to see a picture of my Granny, and WWII Army Veteran Papaw Rich on @TuckerCarlson and my eyes filled with tears:) #TheGreatestGeneration.”

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