Giant Sheep Herd Blocks Wyoming Road


The things you see in the wild west.

Wyoming may be best known for Yellowstone National Park but there’s plenty of other things going on in the Cowboy State.

Well, okay, outside of wildlife and farms there’s actually not a whole lot considering it’s one of the larger states by area (approximately 98,000 square miles) and is the smallest state by population (578,803 as of 2021).

But the natural beauty, insane wildlife, and wide open spaces make Wyoming a top relocation destination over the past few years, thanks in no small part to Yellowstone.

Even though there’s been a ton of very, very wealthy people moving north, it certainly hasn’t changed the state’s ethos, which can be seen in this video from last week in Wright, Wyoming.

A driver was approaching a railroad crossing, but before they had to worry about a train, they had to deal with a giant swarm of animals blocking the road.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of sheep were making their way across the wide open landscape in a very uniformed, tightly spaced line that stretched as far as the camera showed.

One question immediately jumped out at me: Where are they going?

It doesn’t look like fertile farm land, maybe they were moving to greener pastures? Or did they break down a fence and start making a very conspicuous run for it?

Either way, I hope the driver wasn’t in a hurry, because there was no getting around or through these ruminants.

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