Sierra Ferrell’s “In Dreams” From The Caverns Is Pure Magic

Sierra Ferrell country music

Something about The Caverns makes the music sound extra magical.

Entirely underground, The Caverns, near Monteagle Mountain in Tennessee, is a one a kind of music venue. The cave system has a perfect opening creating an amphitheater-sized venue.

I swear, the acoustics wholly surrounded by the rocks elevates the sound of any song.

Sierra Ferrell had a show at the venue the other week and laid down a stellar performance of “In Dreams” as her final song.

I’m not sure there is a day that I will be worn out of this song. It has been a constant favorite since her 2020 album release and continues to be a favorite when I see clips from her tour.

The way the melodies and harmonies bounce around within the cave makes the music echo and reverb, so it sounds heavenly. It seems she is singing and picking so lightly, but it comes through so boldly because of the underground effects.

During the bridge, the crowd jumps in to help her on the long drawn-out “Oooos,” and I could replay that section all day.

It’s angelic.

I think this is the most Sierra Ferrell venue I’ve seen her play in. Something about our hippie cowgirl playing underground is so on-brand for her, and the sound from this show is unreal.

Add this venue to your bucket list ASAP.

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