California Tourist Tries To Ride A Wild Bison… Fails Miserably

Bison California

How stupid can you be?

I ask myself that all the time but there always seems to be a new video that one-ups the last one I saw.

Time and time again we see tourist doing some dumb stuff with bison. We’ve seen enough examples of why this is a bad idea, there’s one that sums it up perfect with this bison railroading another bison.

If a bison can do that to a bison imagine what it can do to a person…

But this fella in the video is a special kind of stupid. The video starts with a man approaching a wild bison in the woods. The big fella is laying down relaxing in the sun, so naturally this bozo had the great idea to walk up and annoy it. The results will be spectacular.

The video continues in clips as he gets closer to it.

“Hi. I’m your friend”

“Do you mind if I ride you? Can I ride you?”

Stupid is as stupid does…

Firstly, bison don’t speak English, secondly this bison is going to ruin your week if you attempt to ride it. But if he’s willing to try, I’m willing to watch.

This man is dangerously close to the Bison and I hope he learns his lesson the hard way here.

“I wanna pet you. Can I pet you?”

No, you cannot pet a wild bison…

The video ends and the man is considerably farther away from the Bison with a quote that tells you he learned the lesson quickly and got very lucky.

“You’re not very friendly, are you?”

I can’t help but think this dummy cut out all the good parts of the video because he near shit himself when it came at him.

You can’t fix stupid and you can’t teach common sense.

That is definitely on display here…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock