Riley Green Releases Highly Anticipated Singles “Raised Up Right” & “God Made A Good Ol’ Boy”

Riley Green country music
Riley Green

The wait is finally over.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve gotten new music from Riley Green. Aside from a couple sporadic singles here and there, it’s been since 2021 since he dropped his Behind The Bar album.

However, that all changed last week when the Alabama native revealed to Whiskey Riff that he had two songs getting ready to drop on 4/21, after he teased his song “Raised Up Right” on social media.

And sure enough, the day has finally come, as Green has officially released “Raised Up Right” and “God Made A Good Ol’ Boy” today.

“Raised Up Right” is all about how his parents raised him to know right from wrong, and how his raising ultimately turned him into the man he is today.

You can hear it all in the chorus:

“Raised up right like my Momma’s hands in Sunday mornin’ church
Raised up right like my Daddy’s can of beer right after work
Like thе flag over the Courthouse еvery mornin’ at sunrise
I was raised up right”

And on top of that, he throws in some beautiful steel guitar in the song as well to tie it all together.

For the second song, “God Made A Good Ol’ Boy,” Green describes the reason why he was put on this planet by the good Lord himself. Ultimately, we reach the chorus and “God Made A Good Ol’ Boy” to love his significant other:

“And he made a girl like you
‘Cause somehow he knew
That you’d like ridin’ old dirt roads
Country songs, and dancin’ slow
So God made a good ol’ boy”

Check ’em out:

“Raised Up Right”

“God Made A Good Ol’ Boy”

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