Pro Golfer Cam Smith Chugs Alcohol From A Shoe At LIV Golf Tournament

Cam Smith golf

The LIV Golf tournament this week looks like a time and a half.

The tour made a stop at The Grange Golf Club in Adelaide, Australia, and it appears that this is the tournament they’ve chosen to be the party tournament.

The PGA Tour has the Waste Management Phoenix Open, where they have massive grandstands set up for fans to booze all day and go absolutely nuts whenever their favorite golfers come through, and it appears that LIV is trying to one up the PGA with this one.

And they’re doing a good job of it so far.

If you needed proof, look no further than this video. They dubbed this one “the watering hole:”

And if you thought that was rowdy, they’re getting the players involved too.

Golf star Cameron Smith, who is an Aussie in his own right and rocks one sweet mullet, was offered a shoe full of hard seltzer (Or a “shoey,” as they call it) by legendary Australian DJ Fisher while walking down one of the holes.

Initially, Smith turned down the offer with a big smile on his face.

However, DJ Fisher wasn’t going to let Smith get off that easy. After the round concluded, DJ Fisher was playing a show for all of the fans.

Smith got on stage to observe, and that’s when the DJ made a second shoey offer.

Although hesitant at first, Smith finally caved and accepted. DJ Fisher poured the drink in the shoe, and Smith chugged it much to the crowd’s delight.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock