Drew Parker Teams Up With His Wife Mallory In Newly Released “King Of Country Music”

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Emma Golden

Drew Parker, a rising country artist with Warner Music Nashville, just released a song inspired by and dedicated to his wife Mallory Parker.

He then took it a step further and asked her to be in it. Why not have the focus of the song be a part of it?

The Parker couple harmonize on Drew’s new track “King of Country Music,” which was just released today.

It apparently took some convincing from Parker to get his wife to sing on the track, but after she agreed, they recorded the loving song on none other than Valentine’s Day.

Drew was excited to have his wife Mallory join him on the project, and even introduces her as his “Queen of Country Music.”

The touching song’s title might be a bit misleading, as Parker describes in the newly released music video. The wonderfully shot video is broken up about halfway through with footage of Parker from an on-stage performance of the song telling the crowd what the song is truly about:

“This song has nothing to do with George Strait. This song has nothing to do with me, or the guy singing country music, wherever he may be.

But this song has everything to do about the woman in any man’s life who is there beside him no matter what’s going on. Even when he has a crazy dream to move to Nashville, she packs her bags and moves with him.”

Parker has described the song as “possibly his favorite song he has ever recorded.” The two met each other in Parker’s hometown of Newton County, Georgia at a gig he was playing at a local bar.

Parker’s admiration for his wife shined through in this statement regarding the beginning of their relationship and the start of his country music career:

“My motivation and passion for chasing MY dream never scared her off. She has stuck by me when I had absolutely nothing to show for it except a couple hundred dollars from a tip jar.

She has stuck by me when I would write songs all day long, then go to work the night shift at the hospital. She has stuck by me while I’ve traveled the entire country while she stayed home and was a single parent many weekends.”

The Grammy-nominated artist credits a lot of his success to his wife’s selflessness, even conceding that he isn’t sure he could’ve done all of this without her.

Parker went on to discuss more about the meaning of the song and what his advice would be for making it in the music industry:

“I think one very important thing to help along the way is to find a woman who will stand beside you, in front of you, and behind you all along the way while you chase the song.

That’s what this song is about to me.

In no way form or fashion am I considering myself the ‘King Of Country Music’ with this song, but I am saying I’m the guy who gets to love the girl who has stood by me and been my biggest cheerleader in my career.

I would have nothing without her. Oh also, did I mention this song is a duet with my wife?”

Drew Parker is releasing this song as another look into his upcoming major label debut EP At The End Of The Dirt Road, which releases on June 2nd.

The 6-track EP will feature the new duet “King of Country Music,” along with other previously released singles “At The End Of The Dirt Road” and “Middle Of Nowhere Class.”

At The End Of The Dirt Road Tracklist:

1. “At The End Of The Dirt Road”

2. “Middle Of Nowhere Class”

3. “She’s On A Roll”

4. “I’ll Love You Longer”

5. “My Baby Does”

6. “King Of Country Music” (with Mallory Parker)

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