Crocodile Chows Down On 3-Foot Bull Shark Snagged On Fisherman’s Line

Croc shark

For as terrifying as alligators are, they don’t compare to their larger, more vicious cousins.

Crocodiles are found across the globe in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia. While different species have different sizes, the largest can grow to 17 feet long and weigh over 2,000 pounds. They are fiercely territorial and will attack any creature, including humans, that gets too close.

Typically, crocodiles prefer saltwater, which in the rare case can lead to a very interesting predator match up with sharks.

Well, a man was fishing on the banks of the Porserpine river in North Queensland, Australia when he hooked a small bull shark, about 3 feet in length.

Most likely not what he was hoping for, but still a very cool catch. When he got the shark to the water’s edge, the shark got tangled up in some leftover fishing line. He was about to head down to free the fish when he heard some people shouting from downstream.

The video’s description gives the man’s account of what happened.

“So I was fishing along the Proserpine river in far north Queensland , caught a baby bull shark about a metre long which became tangled in old fishing line on the bank.

A large group of people started shouting out on the bank downstream. Thought originally they were happy to see some fishing action only to realize they where warning me of the incoming crocodile.

This crocodile is a local legend (Boofhead), and also ever present in the river – estimated to be over 4 metres long. He swam straight up and ate my shark head first for a snack.”

Shoutout to those people who gave him a warning, can you imagine if he was alone out there? Could have been lights out for good…

Australia… One of the few places where you can see a crocodile eat a shark…

Fisherman Falls Backwards Running From Alligator

There are very few things can ruin a good day spent fishing.

Maybe some bad weather, some obnoxious bozos cramping up your spot, sometimes the fish just aren’t biting… but like they say, a bad day fishing beats a good day a work.

Although, I don’t think they had getting eaten by an alligator on their “bad day of fishing” list.

A startling video out of Florida shows just how terrifying alligators can be, even out of water.

As the fisherman is posted up on the bank, wetting a line for some tarpon, a big old gator lays claim to his spot. Naturally, he was more than willing to oblige.

Adding to the suspense of the video is that the angler trips and falls while trying to flea the reptile.

Can you imagine the feeling of running from an alligator and falling ass backwards? The sheer panic that consumes your soul when you trip and fall, not knowing if this dinosaur is about to devour you leg… leaving you to die in the brush.

Spoiler alert… he didn’t die. But his day was over.

“Well, that puts an end to my tarpon fishing.”

Wow! Get back!

He attempts to scare the dinosaur away… doesn’t work.

Aaaand I am outta here.”

Yeah, time to go change your shorts…

Kayaker Gets Hit By Alligator & Tips Over Into River

Oh, hell no…

Look, I don’t spend much time out kayaking through the coastal rivers of North Carolina, but after this, I don’t really plan to.

Experienced kayaker Peter Joyce was out paddling down the Waccamaw River recently when out of nowhere, his kayak was charged by a hungry gator.

The gator hit so hard that it knocked the kayak over, except Joyce was able to grab hold of a branch to keep it from completely tipping upside down.

He shared his experience with WECT:

“I thought I heard a fish jump to my left, turned out not to be a fish. About three feet from the kayak I made out the head of the gator and that was it, I had no time to react.

My mind was playing catch-up at that point. Basically, when I made out the head of the gator towards the front end of the kayak it was kind of just a state of shock.

As soon as it hit the kayak and I went what just happened? If it hit and there was nothing to grab on the right side of me, I would have inverted… It could’ve been a lot worse.”

Just the eerie calm of the river prior to the attack was enough to give me the willies.

And props to Joyce for having the stone to paddle his way into the gator’s kitchen.

As for me, I’m gonna stay over here on dry land…

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A beer bottle on a dock