Cody Jinks Teases New Record Along With Plans For Whiskey, Cigar & Cannabis Projects

Cody Jinks country music
Jason Deramo

Cody Jinks stays busy.

One of the premiere artists in the independent country music scene, Cody has really paved the way for a number of great country artists in the past few years. Doing everything completely on his own, he’s proven that hard work and great music are all you really need to make it in this business.

The man sells more tickets and albums than some mainstream artists with #1 singles… take notes, people.

His last album was released in 2021 (titled Mercy) and the last song that the outlaw country artist released was his single release “Nothing’s News” in 2022 (which was fantastic by the way).

But he has more than just new music on the way.

Not only did the Texas native make announcements for new music and a new tour, he also enlightened his followers with news of multiple books he’s been writing, a whiskey company endeavor, a possible Jinks cigar brand, and some potential cannabis strains and merchandise.

All on 4/20… great timing Cody.

Jinks’ badass picture on his Instagram was accompanied by this caption:

“Pondering the new music we just recorded, the tour dates we will soon announce, the books I’ve been writing, the whiskey company I’m aiming to create, the cigar brand that will come to light, the years on the road with the best band and fans one could ever ask for, and the cannabis strains/brands/merchandise passions that are all in the works… on none other than 4/20!”

There’s a lot to unpack in that Instagram post, so you might want to turn your “Google alerts” on for Cody Jinks so you don’t miss any more breaking news from the artist.

What are you most excited for? The new music? The new tour?

How about some Jinks whiskey or cigars? Or even some cannabis strands from the “Holy Water” singer?

I’d probably choose the “all of the above” option, and I’ll make sure to be watching Jinks’ Instagram account closely for any further announcements on all of his endeavors.

And 10 out of 10 for the “4/20” shoutout from Jinks. You’ve got to ring in the holiday somehow, and releasing news about some cannabis strains/brands/merchandise seems like the perfect way to do it.

If you happen to be “celebrating” the holiday, “Hippies and Cowboys” by Jinks matches the vibe pretty nicely:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock