Matthew McConaughey Unknowingly Smoked Snoop Dog’s Weed On Movie Set: “Rapped For 13 Hours Straight”

Mcconaughey Snoop dogg

Snoop Dogg and McConaughey, the duo we all knew we needed…

Today on 4/20, it’s always fun to look back on some of your favorite high stories (like when me and a buddy walked two miles across six lanes of traffic to get frozen yogurt then got booted from the store for laughing uncontrollably at a table), and to listen to others talk about theirs.

Of course, most people immediately think of Snoop Dogg when it comes to rolling up, and while he’s got more stories than anyone can remember, one of my favorites involves the great Mr. Matthew McConaughey.

The two starred in the 2019 movie Beach Bum, where Matthew played MoonDog, an out-of-control poet in the Florida Keys, and Snoop played Ray (short for Lingerie), a friend of MoonDog’s that also had an interest, so to say, in his wife.

You catch a contact high from just watching the movie (which I highly recommend), but it turns out the two weren’t just great actors, they weren’t really acting at all.

Like most things, the story is best told by McConaughey himself, so let’s just let him do the talking…

“So the first scene that he and I shot together, MoonDog goes to Lingerie’s place, Lingerie is gonna turn him onto the magic weed, right? 

I show up that night, I know the scene, so I talk to the prop guy on set, I said “Look I got my prop joints which are oregano.” I talk to Snoop I said “These are my prop joints, oregano” cause I know I’m gonna be pulling…

So we go do the scene, and it’s about an 8 minute take so it’s a long take if you’re passing a joint back and forth and you’re smoking hard core to the heels of your feet.

So the scene goes on and right after the scene I just feel like “Man, I’m not sure that was prop” and I look over and Snoop goes “Yo MoonDog, that wasn’t prop weed, that was Snoop weed.”

And I said “Buckle up, cause here we go!”


You had to know Snoop wasn’t going to let that fake sh*t fly, come on now.

According to Snoop, Matthew went on to rap for 13 hours straight and they wrote about seven songs… I tell you, the things I would have done to be a fly on the wall.

We need more of these two, that’s for damn sure.

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