Mama Crocodile Puts Babies In Her Mouth To Carry Them To The Water

Alligator babies

How can something so dangerous seem so gentle?

Crocodiles are some of the largest reptiles in the world. The average size of a crocodile can vary depending on the species, but they can range from 6 to 23 feet in length and can weigh anywhere from 120 to over 2,000 pounds.

Crocodiles are known for their incredibly powerful jaws. They have the strongest bite of any animal, with a force that can exceed 3,700 pounds per square inch. To put that into perspective, a human bite only has a force of around 160 pounds per square inch. This means that a crocodile’s bite is strong enough to crush bones and tear apart even the toughest prey.

Crocodile babies, or hatchlings, are incredibly small and vulnerable when they are born. They are typically only 8 to 12 inches long and weigh less than a pound. After the female crocodile lays her eggs, she will guard them fiercely until they hatch. Once the babies are born, she will carry them in her mouth to the water, where they will be safer from predators.

This video shows the crazy moment when the animal with the strongest bite in the whole world, ever so gently picks up her babies to provide them with a mother’s protection.

The mother croc is seen grabbing a mouthful of dirt as she scoops up each of her babies with her powerful jaws.

She stores them in a pouch in her mouth to transport them safely to water.

Seeing the babies poke their heads out between the massive teeth is a spectacular site.

Nature is amazing.. even the most dangerous of creatures rely on the gentleness of a mother’s love.

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