Swordfish Attacks Diver, Gets Stuck In His Gear In Harrowing Resurfaced Video

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I’m glad I didn’t see this one before my last beach trip…

A video from 2016 is making its rounds on the internet again, showing the harrowing moments that a swordfish attacked a Brazilian deep-sea diver, Paulo Eduardo, walking along the ocean floor.

The poster of the original video said that the attack happened at 721 feet below the ocean’s surface, and you can see the swordfish get his nose stuck in the Eduardo’s gear as soon as he strikes.

The 5-foot long fish then begins thrashing as it tries to free itself, while Eduardo begins to furiously pull himself up to his platform. Zooming in on his face, you can see the stunned diver’s eyes wide open as he tries to get his bearings and assess the situation.

And while the diver does manage to make it to safety inside the cage, the swordfish still remains embedded in his gear as the video ends.

That said, this guy’s pretty lucky that the fish only attacked his oxygen tank and missed impaling his body instead. Back in 2015, a swordfish killed deep sea fishing captain Randy Llanas off the coast of Hawaii after the fisherman speared the fish, which began thrashing and then eventually punctured his chest.

Seems like our man Eduardo off pretty easy – although I’m sure his heart was pounding pretty good there for a few seconds after that first hit.

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