Michigan Flag Football Coach Sucker Punches Dad On The Sideline Who Was “Looking At Him Wrong”

Dad sucker punches coach

Nothing like grown men going to jail over some kids playing with a ball.

We’ve seen it time and time again… parents on the sideline who think their kid is the next Michael Jordan, the next Mike Trout, you know… God’s gift to the sports world.

The truth is, young Tommy is probably gonna be selling car insurance in a few years, but you can’t tell dad that… you’ll wind up with a right hook to the jaw.

Lunatic parents are bad enough, but sometimes, you even have coaches who can’t seem to understand that this isn’t the Super Bowl… these are KIDS.

Like this guy…

A brawl broke out at a Niles, Michigan, flag football game back in 2021, but it is making the rounds again on the internet. A coach cold-cocked a dad on the sidelines for “looking at him wrong.”

According to WNDU, the idiot coach got upset over a call, stormed onto the field to argue with the ref, and then as he approached the sideline, walked over to another parent. He apparently didn’t like the way the dad was looking at him, so he did what any guy who has no business coaching children would do… he hit him.

And now, he might be looking at a charge. The dad that got popped went to the police:

“The victim, the person who got punched, came to the police department to report that he was assaulted and apparently the coach didn’t like how this spectator was looking at him.

He referenced that may be he was smiling at the coach and so this coach just happened to punch him, sucker punch him, which to me means punch him in the face.

There’s definitely a possibility that he could be charged with assault and battery. Some of that will certainly be up to the victim but assault and battery would be an appropriate charge in this case.”

And apparently, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

The guy who posted the video pulled his son out of the league prior to this incident, on account of similar instances with other coaches.

“He wasn’t the only bad coach there, there was others. That’s why I pulled out because I just saw it.

We are all passionate. I’ve been known to be fiery as a baseball coach with youth kids but you have to have a level of restraint. You can’t be that amped up to where you would assault a parent, or a bystander, anybody in front of children.”

I’ll say it again…. THIS IS NOT THE SUPER BOWL.

And it’s not even football… we’re talking about assaulting a man over children playing rec league FLAG FOOTBALL.


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