Jackson Dean Brings Live Performance Of “Fearless” To ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

Jackson Dean country music

Jackson Dean is making some serious noise in the country music world.

Aside from his deep, unique vocals that distinctly sets him apart from the majority of the country artists in Nashville, it’s his powerful songwriting that ties his artist persona all together.

With the combination of those two, he’s earned a bid for New Male Artist Of The Year at the upcoming ACM Awards.

Since bursting onto the scene (Aside from the ACM nomination), Dean has released a Live At The Ryman album, was nominated for Breakthrough Male Video of the Year with his “Fearless” music video, and much more.

And to add to that list, he recently made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show to perform his current single, “Fearless.”

The song itself is a confession to a significant other that he’s ready to go all in on their relationship, and he’s not going to let fear stop him, as he lists a number of things he isn’t afraid of, although there is something about the relationship that strikes fear inside him.

The chorus speaks for itself:

“‘Cause I’m fearlessI’ll jump off the ledgesBurn all the bridges, walk on the edgesI’m fearlessI don’t mind the shadowsTake all the arrows, ride in the echoesAnd I don’t mind the nightI don’t mind the fight, even if I loseI’ve got thick skin, I’ll dive in, I’m fearlessExcept when it comes to you…”

And on top of that, Dean proves that he sounds just as great live as he does in his recordings.

Check it out:

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