Footage From Inside Shark Dive Cage Shows Just How Terrifying Great Whites Are


Part of me thinks I would go in a shark cage and part of me says there’s absolutely no way I would.

Growing up, I was obsessed with Shark Week. 

Is there really anything better than turning on Discovery Channel after school and watching enormous killing machines maul fish, seals, dolphins, and whatever else they could get their jaws on? I certainly don’t think so.

One of the classic videos they show are great whites circling divers in a shark cage. There’s always lunging, snapping, ramming, and a dramatic commercial cut when you think it just might get in… In fact, last Shark Week we saw a video of a great white smashing through a plastic dive box.

If you ever wanted to get a small glimpse of what it feels like from inside that cage, look no further than this video from underwater photographer Ken Kiefer.

The video shows at least two great whites circling slowly around the cage, which contained 3 people. While I’m sure they’re professionals, they kept putting their limbs out of the cage, which I just feel is a big no-no.

The up close shots of these monsters swimming just feet away sends chills up my spine.

Would you go down in a shark cage?

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