Connecticut Woman Is Amazed As Family Of Bears Pile Out Of Dumpster: “You Guys Are So Cute!”

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Piling out like circus clowns out of a car…

Just the other day, a woman in Avon, Connecticut was absolutely thrilled to see a very cool (and quite funny) sight when she spotted a black bear poking its head out from a dumpster.

It had apparently gotten pretty hungry and took advantage of a worker not closing the sliding side door, jumping inside to try and rustle up some grub.

The woman is pretty pumped to see the bear and drives over to get a closer look, which isn’t exactly advisable – but we did get this video from it…

Her reaction is raw excitement.

“Look at this! Oh my goodness. Mr. Bear!” 

Just seeing one bear is pretty great, but what about a whole family?

Turns out, a whole group was hiding inside.

A total of four bears ended up jumping out the side door, making their way back to the woods. Of course, we don’t know if they are actually a family, and all four seemed mature enough to be on their own, but hey, let’s just imagine it for the experience.

The woman got more amped with each bear she saw.

“Woah, there’s two bears inside! … Ahh there’s three bears inside! Oh my goodness, you guys are so cute… Oh my goodness, there’s four bears inside! Are you kidding me?”

Say what you want, but I know I’d be having a pretty similar reaction.

Obviously, not great that the garbage was that accessible to wild animals as they’ll continue returning to the spot, but pretty dang funny to see four black bears jumping out of a dumpster.

You never know what you’ll see.

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