Body In The Back Saves Hearse Driver From Plummeting Off Cliff: “That’s A Lucky MF’er Right There”

Dead body

Would it be fair to say “Dead Man Driving” for this story?

What seems like a plot out of a Hollywood movie turns out to be a terrifyingly true account of a man’s life being saved by someone who had already lost theirs.

A hearse driver that was transporting a body in Colorado narrowly avoided driving the hearse into a canyon and plunging to his death.

The vehicle’s front half was left hanging off the side of the drop off and the only thing that kept it from falling down into the ravine below was the dead body in the back of the hearse weighing down the back.

Talk about lucky.

Back in January, a driver for Hubbard and Son’s Funeral Home Service was transporting a body for organ donation. A snowstorm had recently hit the area, making for tough travel and road conditions.

The driver told CBS Colorado that it was not the snow that made him lose control of the vehicle, but rather another car out on the road. Another car allegedly sped past the hearse, and the funeral home driver was simply trying to switch lanes to stay out of the way.

That is when the hearse lost control on the icy asphalt and hurtled through a barrier on the edge of the mountainside road. The driver attempted to stop, but the conditions kept the hearse sliding towards the cliff and eventually leaving the front half of the vehicle hanging over the canyon.

The driver and the family haven’t commented much on the near-death experience (could that be an accidental joke?), but they did say that they believe the body of the organ donor in the back of the hearse saved the driver’s life.

The average organ donor saves around 8 lives thanks of their choice to help others posthumously, but this particular person just happened to save 9.

Responding law enforcement officers reporting to what would have been a fatal drop off the canyon were amazed that the car was stuck how it was. The mass of the vehicle is almost perfectly half-on, half-off the cliff.

One officer can heard in the video linked below saying:

“That’s a lucky motherf***er right there.”

The video is shocking to take in, but I’m sure the hearse driver is counting his blessings after this close call.

And if you remember me saying that this scene was out of a Hollywood movie, how about if I said it is also included in one of FOX’s longest running animated shows: Family Guy.

As always with the humor of the show, they managed to perfect the car-hanging-halfway-off trope:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock