Black Bear Drinks 69 Cans Of Soda After Breaking Into Car

black bear

Let this be a fair warning to anybody who goes camping, or stays in the mountains:

Do NOT leave food or drink in your car.

Seriously, a bear can sniff it out from a mile away, and do whatever it can to get into your car and get ahold of the food.

We’ve seen it time and time again, with bears climbing on top of cars, and some even getting inside and eating a whole cake that was left inside.

And here we have yet another example.

According to CBC, it all went down in Earls Cove, British Columbia.

Sharon Rosel was woken up by her dog at around 3 AM last Thursday, only to walk outside to her balcony and find a massive black bear standing around a bunch of broken glass from her car window, and pounding sodas like there’s no tomorrow.

She told the outlet:

“He was drinking massive amounts of soda.”

Rosel watched the wild scene for about an hour and a half, as the bear clawed through a ton of sodas she had left in the car.

She had 72 cans in the car…

The black bear drank 69. (Nice).

Rosel even tried throwing cold water on top of the creature, considering she needed to take the car to work the next morning, but it refused to budge.

She continued:

“Then I tried psyching him out by telling him I was a bear hunter. That didn’t do anything either, so I had to stand by and just watch him devour my car.”

It truly is unfortunate a bear can’t speak English.

The bear ended up ripping the leather interior on the inside, and also broke the window roller handle from standing on it, and of course spilled soda everywhere, including the gear shifter:

“Of course, white leather interior goes really good with orange crush.”

Rosel said that she bought the sodas for the food truck she owns, and although she’s lived in the area for a long time she admits she’s never seen a bear go after soda:

“I’ve been around bears since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and I have never seen them go after pop.”

I guess it was just thirsty.

But the bear didn’t drink all of the soda she had in her car: He apparently isn’t a fan of diet soda, so he left those untouched.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock