Volkswagen Beetle Sends A Deer Cartwheeling Straight Up Into The Air

Deer beetle


That thing got absolutely launched into the sky. I can’t imagine, it ended well for the car, nor the deer.

Deer are relatively large animals, with bucks weighing between 100-300 pounds and measuring up to 6 feet in length. Does are smaller, weighing between 80-200 pounds and measuring up to 5 feet in length. They are herbivores, feeding on leaves, grasses and other vegetation.

Deer are known to be active primarily during dawn and dusk, which are times when visibility on the road is often poor. This with their tendency to roam freely across roads and highways, can result in collisions with vehicles. These collisions can be deadly for both the deer and the driver, causing significant damage to the vehicle.

While all vehicles are at risk of colliding with animals, Volkswagen Beetles have gained notoriety for their tendency to suffer damage when hitting animals like deer. This is because Beetles have a low, rounded front end that can cause animals to be launched into the air upon impact. Additionally, the relatively small size and light weight of the Beetle can make it more prone to damage in collisions.

This dash cam captured that exact situation on video and showed us how these cars are truly not built for animal impacts.

The dash cam shows a view of the road. In the opposite lane you notice a deer start to run towards the road. It meets a Volkswagen that is going full speed.

The deer gets fired into the sky well over the oncoming traffic, cartwheeling through the air, and the car seems to have suffered plenty of damage.

What a wild collision… pour a little out for that poor deer.

Biker Almost Gets Clotheslined By Flying Deer

Damn, nothing is safe anymore.

These cyclists are taking a causal Sunday stroll in Weddington, North Carolina, or hell, maybe they’re training for the Tour de France, I don’t know.

But out of nowhere, a deer comes flying across the road, slams hard into an oncoming Audi, gets blasted into the air, and is coming straight for our cameraman’s head.

Thankfully, the deer misses the front of the pack and our cameraman in the back as well, but damn… life is a game of inches.

Head on a swivel on these roads, people.

Stay safe out there…

Watch These Flesh-Eating Beetles Lick A Deer Skull Clean

I ‘m not going to lie here… I had no idea that this is a method for cleaning skulls.

I’m not in the taxidermy business, but I’ve heard of boiling and pressure washing, soaking in bleach, etc… but flesh-easting beetles? No idea that was a thing.

In this wild video, Greg Schoneck of Dakota Skulls walks you through the process of cleaning a skulls, using an air compressor to remove the brains (which is rather disgusting) and Dermestid Beetles to lick that bad boy clean.

After about 30 hours (which is kind of a long time), that thing was smoother than a baby’s ass.

Nature’s pressure washer.

Check it out.

Texas Man Showcases Unique Deer Mount

Gettin’ creative.

Of course, one of the best things about dropping a big ol’ buck, aside from filling up the freezer with some delicious venison, is mounting that big ol’ head on the wall.

You got the antler mount, skull mount, shoulder mount, pedestal mount, full body mount for those of us with larger trophy rooms… and then there’s this guy.

With the jumping over the railing to its death mount…

Texas resident, Shaun Pruett, shared his new mount to Trophy Rooms of the World and has since garnered quite the viral reaction.

Texas deer mount

Michigan Hunter’s Trophy Room Is Incredible

If you’re a die-hard hunter, you might be familiar with Michigan’s Mark Peterson.

A hunter and conservationist, Mark is the owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures among many other hunting/outdoors ventures, and travels the entire world in pursuit of the best hunting the world has to offer.

In a new episode of Whitetail Cribs, The Exodus team visits Mark’s Lake Michigan home to check out his trophy room, and holy hell it looks like a Bass Pro Shop inside… just needs that giant fish tank.

But between deer, elk, fowl, sheep, goats, bears, a few African species like cape buffalo, and more, this place is insane.

As many of the comments pointed out, this dude’s taxidermist must drive a friggin’ Ferrari with the amount of money he spends on his hunts.

Of course, it goes without saying that people are always going to have difference of opinions when it comes to hunting, what’s acceptable, what should be hunted, how it should be hunted, where to draw the line on trophies, etc… but if you’re in favor, you’ll appreciate this impressive collection.

Check it out:

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