Insane Brawl Breaks Out Inside California Toyota Car Dealership

Toyota deal fight

They say that a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, but does the value of the car change if a car salesman is punched with his back against it?

I am tempted to know, because after this caught-on-camera footage of an all-out-brawl in this California Toyota dealership hit social media, I’d assume you might be able to get a discounted price on the showroom model. I certainly would be negotiating the price down if I happened to be there during the fiasco.

The Twitter user who shared the video said that the fight was between the car dealership’s Sales Manager and General Sales Manager. I guess tension can get pretty high when you are working for commission, because these two gentlemen were absolutely letting loose on one another.

Plus, imagine you are there to pick out a new car and you see this happening? You have to think that would be a sign from the higher powers to maybe go with that other, non-Toyota car that you were considering.

In the video, a chair is thrown as soon as the footage starts, which I would venture to say has never been done in good taste (not even Bobby Knight). Now the car’s special event “Toyota-thon” sounds more like a main event of a WWE pay-per-view.

After that, a couple of other good punches are thrown, but none land harder than when one the guys falls right on his ass against some non-thrown chairs in the showroom.

To make matters even worse, the person who witnessed this “Car Title Fight” (sort of an okay joke, right?) said that it was the SECOND one she had seen while she was there. How is that even possible?

She captioned the video on social media with:

“I went to Toyota and the employees started brawling. This was actually the SECOND fight. Don’t mind my commentary..”

I just imagine this being footage for one of those corny car dealership adds you see on TV.

Maybe even a rival dealership could somehow figure out how to obtain the rights to the video and overlay some commentary like this:

“While those price gouging losers over there at Toyota of Milpitas are too busy fighting each other, we’re over here at Danny Johnson Jeep-Dodge-RAM fighting for lower prices, for you!

We guarantee that our cars have never been fought around, and if you walk away with one of our cars, we’ll throw in a year’s worth of oil changes.

Only thing Toyota of Milpitas is throwing in are their storeroom chairs!”

If you happen to be reading this and you own the car dealership near this Toyota Dealership in Milpitas, California, the text above should give you a pretty good guideline for your next commercial.

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