Train Slams Into Truck Hauling Cars In The Midst Of Heavy Florida Rains

Train crash

If you haven’t heard, South Florida got hammered with extraordinarily heavy rainfall over the past few days.

According to AccuWeather, Fort Lauderdale received 25.91 inches of rain in a 24 hour period, which caused major flooding and shut down the areas schools and airport.

The sights of downtown are wild…

The wild storms also caused major issues on highway, traffic pilling up with thousands of cars stranded in the high waters.

But cars weren’t the only vehicles to be swept up in the chaos.

For some reason, a loaded car hauler truck found itself stuck right on top of some train tracks when the gates lowered and the bells started ringing.

Unable to move forward or backwards in time, the Brightline passenger train barrels right into the truck, sending cars flying, destroying everything it its path, and cutting the trailer clean in half.

The moment was caught on camera by a driver at the intersection.

The same person also capture footage of the damage that occurred.

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Incredibly, no injuries were reported save for the damaged vehicles. It looks like there were some rather expensive luxury cars on the hauler… I see a BMW, a Land Rover… you hate to see it.

Absolutely wild. Trains are no joke, so please try not to find yourself in this situation…

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