Watch The Heart-Pumping Moment A 220-Pound Shark Bites A Snorkeler In The Back

Shark Bite

Shark attacks on humans are very rare.

They mostly prey on other fish, so humans have to really fool sharks into believing that they’re fish themselves to be attacked. However, they are opportunistic hunters so if someone is splashing a lot, or of course if there’s blood in the water, it’s easy to peak their curiosity and get them confused.

Considering the rarity of shark attacks, you’d never think it could happen to you…

Until your worst nightmare becomes a reality.

That reality played out for this one snorkeler, and it was all captured on video.

According to the New York Post, the video footage was captured on 37-year-old Ibrahim Shafeeg, a marine photographer and freediver who captured the wild scene on his GoPro.

Shafeeg said:

“We decided to do a free dive trip to shark bay and snorkel inside a group of sharks.”

Bold strategy, Cotton.

During their bold trip to the middle of a group of 10 nurse sharks, things took a turn for the worse when his friend, 30-year-old Carmen Canovas Cervello, was attacked by one of the sharks at Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives.

The shark was a WHOPPING 220-pounds.

They had been swimming in the area for 45 minutes before one of the sharks made the attack on Cervello, biting her on the back and shoulder.

Surprisingly enough, they cleaned the minor wound and got back out with the sharks again.

Shafeeg said:

“After the shark bite, we thought nothing major about it and it was only a minor injury so we cleaned the wound and continued snorkeling at the same spot again.”

Listen, I’m all for getting a little bold every now and then, but did they not even think about the possible consequences of swimming with, you know TEN massive sharks? Like the thought they could be sent to the afterlife?

To each their own, but you won’t catch me swimming with sharks anytime soon.

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