Two Bobcats Tussle On Side Of Texas Street

Bobcat fight

The bobcat is such a cool animal.

Despite being relatively small, they are incredible hunters, capable of taking out everything from deer to squirrels. Located in all of the lower 48 states, bobcats can survive in habitats ranging from deep swamp land to dry mountains, and nearly everything in between.

Their population remains stable in most areas, but seeing one of these feline out in the open is a rare sight, which makes what residents of Richardson, Texas saw a few years back even rarer.

One driver noticed a bobcat crossing the street in front of him while the passenger noted a second bobcat in the wood-line to their left. The road crosser went over and approached the second cat.

It looked like they were almost going to retract their claws and cuddle for a second when out of nowhere a fury of fangs and paws appears as both cats strike, counterstrike, and jump in the air.

It may not have lasted long, but wow was it impressive.

Throw in seeing two of those guys together and it’s a hell of a story and a hell of a video.

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