Parker McCollum Can’t Win In New Single “Tails I Lose”

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Parker Mcollum

Parker McCollum is back with the honky tonk heartbreakers.

The Limestone Kid has dropped a number of stellar singles ahead of his fourth studio album, Never Enough.

From “Handle On You,” to “Stoned,” “I Ain’t Going Nowhere,” and most recently, “Speed.”

Yesterday, McCollum teased yet another single titled “Tails I Lose” to social media, which he officially dropped today.

Now if there’s one thing McCollum has showed us over the course of his past three albums and past few singles, is that he knows how to hit you where it hurts, and this one might be the most painfully relatable of them all.

The song grabs your attention immediately with the background wail of a steel guitar, as he opens with the line:

“Sittin’ here carvin’ this heart
‘Round your name on this bar…”

He then proceeds to lament the loss of a former flame, and the moment he knows that it’s officially over for good.

It’s a song of deep reflection, as he honestly admits that he’s done everything in his power to keep the relationship alive, but she isn’t having it.

The chorus says it all:

“Ain’t nobody changin’ your mind
Ain’t nobody changin’ my love
Might as well toss this last dance jukebox quarter up
I’ve done everything that I can
Ain’t no matter where it lands
Ain’t a damn thing I can do…”

And that’s when he hits you with the ultimate lose-lose scenario:

“Heads you win, tails I lose
Heads you win, tails I lose…”

Give it a listen:

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