Snapping Turtle Climbs 8-Foot Fence And Jumps Off The Other Side To Get To Water

Snapping turtle

That just don’t make sense…

How can this turtle even climb that well?

Common snapping turtles are a species of freshwater turtle that is native to North America. These turtles are known for their distinctive, hooked beaks and powerful jaws, which they use to catch prey and defend themselves from predators.

Common snapping turtles are one of the largest species of freshwater turtles, with adults reaching a size of up to 18 inches in length and weighing up to 35 pounds.

Common snapping turtles are strong and agile swimmers, but they are also able to climb on land. They are equipped with powerful legs and sharp claws that allow them to move quickly and efficiently on land and they are also able to climb over obstacles such as logs and rocks.

They have been seen climbing wire fences before. Generally, this is females searching for a good spot to lay eggs or to get to a water source.

This turtle was spotted in the woods, climbing up an 8-foot chain link fence to get to some water on the other side.

Once he gets to the top, it is a slow move to decide what happens next.

The turtle climbs to it is hanging over the other side then jumps down and lands right on its feet, and is seen happily running towards the water.

I never knew these turtles could do that.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock