Colin Stough Stuns American Idol Judges With Cover Of Whiskey Myers’ “Stone”

American Idol


The 18-year-old Colin Stough blew the judges away during his audition performing Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.”

The Mississippi native has the best southern drawl in his natural talking voice, which is carried over seamlessly into his vocals.

For his Hollywood solo round, he chose to sing a cover of Whiskey Myers’ “Stone,” and while I thought “Simple Man” was a great song selection for his voice, but “Stone” is an even better.

Colin carries the same mild rasp in his voice that lead singer Cody Cannon has. It’s intoxicating the ears and leaves the listener wanting more.

“I’ve never been on stage before…never.” 

He says in his interviews before his performance and in explaining why he chose to perform in the confidence category.

“So this is all new to me.” 

I bet to differ though… this kid looks like he was meant for the stage.

Lionel Richie leads over to Katy Perry during the cover and whispers:

“I LOVE him.” 

I hope we continue seeing more of Colin Stough throughout the season because he is a delight to watch.

Love seeing some country music brought to The American Idol stage, especially from an independent band like Whiskey Myers.

And the original, acoustic version from Cody himself:

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