Bobcat Flies Through The Air To Pounce On Helpless Squirrel


Talk about the element of surprise.

Bobcats can be some of the sneakiest creatures in all of nature. Seriously, you could be walking through the woods and one could be staring right at you only a few feet away, and you could have no idea.

Of course, they use their sneaky skills and agility to their advantage while out hunting for food, and here is yet another prime example of that right here.

In this video, you can see a squirrel minding its own business, appearing to be munching down on an acorn in the snow.

However, things go sideways for the squirrel real quick when all of a sudden a bobcat, which had been hiding behind a log, jumps out of nowhere and lands directly on top of the poor squirrel.

Tough scene for the little critter.

The caption reads:

“While bobcats do have some preferences for certain types of prey, such as rodents, rabbits, and hares, they are also known to hunt birds, reptiles, and other small mammals.

These medium-sized cats are found throughout much of North America, from southern Canada to northern Mexico. They are adaptable predators that can thrive in a variety of habitats, including forests, swamps, deserts, and suburban areas.

In the United States, bobcats are most commonly found in the western and southern regions, but they can be found in almost every state.

They are solitary animals that establish territories ranging from a few square miles to over 50 square miles (129.5 sq. km), depending on the availability of prey and other resources.”

They’re definitely not the biggest cats in the world, but size isn’t everything in the wild.

Check it out:

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