Tyler Childers Surprises Grand Ole Opry Crowd, Shows Up To Introduce His Bandmates El Dorodo At Their Opry Debut

Tyler Childers El Dorodo country music

That Timmy Ty is a real one.

If you missed it, back a few months ago some members of Tyler Childers‘ band The Food Stamps dropped a surprise album of their own under the name El Dorodo.

El Dorodo has actually been a band longer than they’ve been The Food Stamps, first forming way back when drummer Rod Elkins and bass player Craig Burletic were in high school.

Joining Elkins and Burletic in the current version of the band are pedal steel and guitar player James Barker, who is also a member of The Food Stamps, along with Doug Woodard.

The boys dropped their debut album, Unincorporated, back in January. And tonight, they reached another huge milestone, making their Grand Ole Opry debut.

And they had a special friend there to welcome them to the Opry stage.

Tyler Childers surprised the audience to introduce his bandmates as they made their debut with their own band.

@whiskeyriffYou never know whats going to happen at the Opry

♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

As expected, the boys absolutely rocked the house in their debut, bringing their unique style of country and western to the famous circle.

That’s a whole lotta talent right there, to not only back up one of the hottest names in country music but to also write and release your own music on the side.

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