Shark Nearly Takes Out Kayak Fisherman With A Tarpon On The Line

Shark kayak fishing

That’s a bit more than your typical fishing rush.

My stomach would be feeling a little funny after that. Reeling in a big fish is all I need, no more thrill is needed.

Sharks are some of the most fearsome predators in the ocean, with a reputation for attacking anything that moves. One of their favorite prey is tarpon, a large and powerful fish that is prized by fishermen for its fighting ability.

Tarpon are a large fish that can grow up to eight feet in length and weigh over 250 pounds. They are found in warm, coastal waters throughout the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Tarpon are known for their acrobatic jumps and powerful runs, which make them a popular target for sport fishermen.

Sharks are opportunistic predators and will eat just about anything that moves, including tarpon. Tarpon are an attractive prey for sharks because they are large, slow-moving fish that are easy to catch. Sharks will typically target tarpon that are already injured or weakened, making them an easy target.

This kayak fisherman had the scare of a lifetime when hooked into this tarpon… or so he thought. After hooking into a couple and losing them, he was reeling in another beauty fish and got it hung up. It finally shook loose and got it close to his boat.

Out of nowhere a shark lunges up out of the water narrowly missing his kayak and sending a large wave off water almost swamping him out.

The man gets his wits about him and cuts the line. Enough of that.

Whew, that was as close as it gets.

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